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For the first time a hand held, portable lightweight device combines Tone and speech audiometry, TEOAE, DPOAE, AEP ABR & ASSR) in a Selectable modUlar format.
The emphasis is on test flexibility, ease of use, reliable
diagnostics and minimum test time.

The new binaural diagnostic ABR is typically used for NHS confirmational diagnostics, neurological diagnostics and objective threshold assessment.

Product Benefits

• Full Color Touchscreen! ! (ease of use)
• Flexibility
• Portability
■ Battery operated
• Long battery life (10 hours), fully charges in 4 hours
• Large memory (stores over 1OOO tests)
• Screening and diagnostic capabilities
• Extremely fast due to cutting edge technology and patented methods
• Objective and subjective testing in one device
• Different sets available to provide either ABR alone or a combination of ABR, ASSR, OAE, tone and speech audiometry on a screening or diagnostic level.
■ The option to combine ASSR and DPOAE hearing threshold estimation allows the acquisition of full audiogram from 125 Hz to 8 kHz in an objective and fully automated procedure!

All feautures of the SENTIERO 'Diagnostic and Screening' model are included as modules in the ADVANCED device.If necessary, all the SENTI feautures can be used with the SENTIERO.

ABR/ASSR Technical Data

• Binaural ABR, Click, chirp & frequency specific tone bursts
Polarity: Condensation, rarefaction, alternating
• User selectable stimulus type and levels up to 120 dB peSPL
• Stimulus rate: 10Hz to 90 Hz, optional jitter
• Recording window: 0 to 30ms
• Recording bandwidth: ABR recording bandwidth: 80 Hz to 2 kHz, ASSR: 15 Hz to 2kHz
• Sampling rate: 16kHz
• ASSR: Modulation frequencies: 40 and 80 Hz,stimulus levels: up to 100 dB HL, up to 4 simultaneous test frequencies per ear – adjustable maximum averaging time, artefact threshold and significance level
• Superior performance due to weighted averaging algorithm for different environmental settings
• Robust operation mode, automated digital filter 50/60 Hz
• Straightforward waveform analysis using automated peak markers
• Additional analysis options after recording and after data transfer from instrument to PC software MIRA
• Mira direct print to print a pdf report immediately from the instrument via USB
• Optional PC software MIRA allows additional reporting and export

Easy navigation & handling, menu guided

• Integrated OAE, Tone and Speech Audiometry modules available
• Design individual protocols & presets or use the factory presets
• Online help and navigation in different languages
• Up to 5 stimulus levels / waveforms per test sequence
• Automated storage of up to 1000 test results(max. 1000 patients) and quality parameters

MIRA PC Software

• Imports patients data test results and exports patients data and settings to the instrument via USB
• Multiple reporting options, printouts and export formats
• User management and patient management search functions
• Instrument configuration & firmware update
• View, compare, comment, print test results
• Archive and backup